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"Aby většina lidí mohla něco ctít, tak z toho nejprve musí mít strach. Někde voda omýva, jinde usazuje kal."


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Cannon Beach, OR (by jordanvoth.com)

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Mala Fatra | Konska Rit | Mincol
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"The Dollstein Cave. Cave in the steep mountain Dollsteinen (681 feet above sea level - 227 m) on the west side of the Sandsøy island, Møre and Romsdal county. The cave facing towards the open sea, has its entrance ca. 180 feet (60 m) above sea level. From the entrance a narrow tunnel leads into a spacious grotto. There are 5 such grottoes separated by narrow passages. The cave is 540 feet long (180 m). Legend has it that the Dollstein Cave continues to Scotland under the sea, and the saga tells us that the Orkney-earl Ragnvald visited the cave in 1127 to look for a treasure supposedly hidden there"


pure love.

les orres, france. january 2014.

been there!


Ashley and Jered Gruber’s photographs from a freezing stage of the Giro d’Italia over the Passo dello Stelvio which saw Nairo Quintana race ahead, although not without a dose of controversy.

Beyond Pink (SWE), Tørsö (USA), Boiling Point (SVK) @ Bullwar Bar, Zilinaevent

Beyond Pink (SWE), Tørsö (USA), Boiling Point (SVK) @ Bullwar Bar, Zilina

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